NORML: Be Part of the Legal Cannabis Movement


NORML: In the past decade, cannabis has become the focus of several iconic groups worldwide. Although the plant has been around for centuries, the regulation of marijuana on a mainstream level is still in its infancy. The decisions being made by lawmakers today may either abolish or solidify the future of marijuana.

One of the best ways to join what could be the most exciting global movement of this generation is through reputable cannabis organizations like NORML. The nonprofit group actively supports open-minded Americans who are in favor of new marijuana laws. With over 40 years of experience in the field, the organization has grown to become an influential voice in the cannabis community.

NORML’s Mission


Legalization is the core of NORML’s mission as a leading cannabis advocate. Founded in 1970 by Keith Stroup, it believes that marijuana possession, use and cultivation should not be subject to criminal penalties.  But at the same time, the oldest active cannabis advocacy group in the United States also understands that weed isn’t for kids, and responsibility should be exercised thoroughly during handling and consumption. When it comes to medicinal use, the organization supports the plant under the recommendation of a licensed doctor.

The group is composed of over 100 chapters in the US working towards making an impact on a local level. Everyone can get involved with the organization by joining or starting a NORML chapter in their respective community. Thanks to the thousands of hardworking NORML activists, the association is able to spread its positive message to neighborhoods and cities around the country.

To ensure progress, NORML extends its presence in various sections of the political arena. Representatives have persistently lobbied Congress and state legislatures to renew outdated cannabis regulations. During hearings, it provides gripping testimonies and subject-matter experts to help educate and win over legislators. “Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against the possession of marijuana in private for personal use,” acknowledged ex-president Jimmy Carter.

Supporting Cannabis Legislation


NORML has created numerous mediums to support cannabis legislation in the country. It has a diverse advisory board composed of doctors, authors, attorneys and actors, including Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong and Woody Harrelson. To tackle women’s issues and barriers, the institution has deeply invested in outreach events and public education campaigns that are geared towards empowering the female demographic. Creating structural foundation within the group is the NORML Legal Committee (NLC). It helps members and businesses leverage new marijuana laws to their full potential, in the event of controversial searches, seizures and arrests. Since cannabis guidelines are changing at a rapid pace, the NLC’s role is essential in streamlining NORML’s expansion efforts.

Presidential Primary Membership Drive


Interested in joining NORML? The organization provides several options for individuals who want to become part of the association. NORML is currently offering three limited edition membership packages filled with goodies and discounts. All of the money raised from the membership drive will go towards NORML’s legalization efforts around the country in 2016.

Below are the limited edition membership tiers for new candidates:

  • Nominee Package: $30
  • Candidate Package: $60
  • Presidential Package: $120

The Presidential Primary Membership Drive is an ongoing event with free sweepstakes, online art auctions and chapter contests. For more information about the event, check out the Freedom Leaf website. Join today and be part of the cannabis movement!